Adapter Trays

Adapter Trays

The simple solution for storing rolling load carriers

The CC Adapter Trays have been developed for the transport and storage of dollies and rollies on which promotional displays are built. The dimensions of the adapter trays allow them to be placed safely on a (Euro)pallet without assembly. The fact that they are very light means they are easy and quick to process. The adapter trays allow the POS displays to be moved on automatic conveyor belts and stored in the warehouse racking.

  • The adapter trays are the size of a (Euro)pallet.
  • The adapter tray offers cost-effective temporary storage for the rolling display. Suitable for internal use.
  • Great stability due to notches.
  • The adapter tray is made out of robust and resistant plastic, which is completely recyclable. Extremely hard-wearing in everyday use.

The tray can be tilted to a maximum of 7 degrees and can take a maximum load of 1000 kg with even distribution and the correct placement of the CC steel

Adapter tray 4ST

Holds 4 steel dollies.

Adapter tray 2EU

Holds 2 Euro Rollies.

Adapter tray 4EU

Holds 4 Euro Dollies.

The CC Adapter Trays are only available as a sales item and not as a pool item. This concerns a one-off purchase for internal transport.


External dimensions (L x W x H)1200 x 800 mm (4ST)
1206 x 806 x 50 mm (4EU) 
1220 x 820 x 36 (2EU)
Weight2,9 kg / 3,0 kg
Carrying capacity1.000 kg UDL