MyReusables replaces CC LogLink

On 30 May 2022 CC European Retail will introduce a new online portal, MyReusables, to replace LogLink. With switching from LogLink to MyReusables, we aim to bring you a future-proof and user friendly portal where you can easily manage your bookings.

What’s changing?

Placing your orders will be easier, however at some points it will be a bit different compared to LogLink. Choose your contract type with us, for an overview of the changes:

Sneak preview of the new system (demo video’s)

Demo Rental and Return Service
Demo Rental only
Demo One Way Service

New features in MyReusables

  • You can manage your own data, like your delivery location(s) and contact persons from your company.
  • You have direct access to status overviews of your orders.
  • You can switch on email notifications on several topics.
  • You will receive support and insight in your deposit balances with retailers (when applicable).

Mini-Webinars in Dutch and German

We will show the new ordering system in 15-minute meetings in Dutch and German. If you would like to join, or if you would like to request a session in English, please send an email to You will then receive the link to the meeting, or we will inform you about new options.

Date: 25 May 2022

  • 13:00 Rental Services (Dutch)
  • 13:30 One Way Service, OWS (German)
  • 14:00 One Way Service, OWS (Dutch)

You find MyReusables as of the 30th of May via the red menu on the top of this page.